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Quickoffice Pro HD 5.0 for Android improves tablet experience (Review)

Summary: The new Quickoffice Pro HD 5.0 provides a complete, feature-rich office suite for Android tablets.

In the past I included Quickoffice Pro application as one of five essential tools for an Android device. The developer has now released Quickoffice Pro HD for Android, specifically designed for high resolution Android 3.0+ tablets.

I liked Quickoffice Pro HD for its simplicity, responsiveness, and ability to sync documents with several cloud services such as Google and Dropbox. However, there were some issues with missing formatting features.

Version 5.0 has made some major improvements. The formatting issues are gone; now you have proper margins, bullets and numbered lists, more fonts. There is better support for Office 2010 compressed ZIP format documents. Major improvements and editing capabilities have been made to all aspects of Quickoffice.

The list of cloud services has also been expanded. Now you can access documents synced with Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Catch, Egnyte, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe. Also, you can now share documents via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Docstoc, Scribd, and Yammer.

More advanced file management within the application makes it easier to organize your files while working on them without having to switch to another application to do so. The file management works seamlessly with the cloud services as well as local storage.

These improvements, coupled with capabilities like an optional keyboard and mouse when needed, as well as HDMI output on a tablet, make it possible to travel and do business presentations without having to lug a laptop along with you.

The granddaddy of mobile office document handling, Dataviz Documents to Go, has been equalled–and in some cases surpassed–by this feature-rich, easy to use application. Quickoffice listened to their customers, and the quality of the product shows their efforts to meet customer needs.

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